Cucumber Granite with Saffron Syrup

Ingredients (for 4 people)
➢ 125 gr. Of peeled cucumbers
➢ 1 c. Of lime juice
➢ 4 c. Of saffron syrup
➢ Some pieces of espelette chilli
➢ A pinch of salt
Peel the cucumber, cut into large pieces.
Put all the ingredients in the robot and mix with the cucumber.
Pour the puree into a dish to cover about one centimeter deep and place in the freezer.
Stir every half hour with a fork, until the granite forms.
About 3 hours.
When serving, whisk to break the pieces of ice and arrange in the glasses then decorate with a leaf of mint or basil.

VARIANT with Vodka:
➢ Follow the same steps but replace the file with vodka.
➢ Add basil leaves and mix into mashed potatoes
➢ Place in the freezer and stir at half an hour for about 3 hours.

It will be an excellent Norman hole!