From the garden to the table with our bulbs

We are talking about us in the Journal de Montréal’s outdoor special edition on Thursday, May 3, 2018. From the garden to the table here’s an effective way to make sure you have Quebec saffron on your plate. It is possible to buy crocus sativus bulbs to produce your saffron at or Bulbs of size 9 and up give you a higher yield from the first year of planting. In good conditions your saffron bulbs will multiply and can double and even more, in your second year. No need to dig up your saffron bulbs, you can leave them in the ground. Set up your saffron corner in a sunny portion of your garden, in well-drained soil away from large watering. You can put your potted bulbs as well. Book your saffron bulbs to ensure a supply for August 2018.