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According to various publications, saffron has many recognized medicinal properties that allow to treat different ailments.
In several countries, saffron has widespread traditional uses. It has been shown to be an effective alternative treatment for mild to moderate depression and for insomnia.
It may also have a potential role in the treatment of cancer, in the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors, as an anti-inflammatory effect and in age-related macular degeneration.
All these benefits could grant it the title of magic spice. Which would be a bit much for a small flower that only grows in the fall.
On the other hand, saffron is today among one of the medicinal plants that has the most studies and scientific research.
One of its benefits is increased sexual desire.
The aphrodisiac effect of saffron has been documented since time immemorial. It would increase libido in both men and women.
It is said that Cleopatra never went out without coating saffron for its aphrodisiac effectiveness.

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Growing saffron is exciting.
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