The company


To enable others to discover this wonderful spice with an exceptional taste and aromatic power.

To pass on the passion of saffron to our consumers through our range of products.

Being aware of the lack of knowledge surrounding this spice, we want to inform our customers and offer them different ways to put saffron and its derivatives on their table.


In 1998, Micheline Sylvestre acquired a farm in Saint-Damien, Lanaudière and leaving the world of cinema gradually behind her, she settled in the country. She became interested in the products of her region and became a member of the Board of Directors of the Brandon Solidarity Market, a virtual market that promotes local purchasing. In 2012 she enrolled in a course of NWFP (Non-Timber Forest Products) and it was here that she developed her interest in new crops. Saffron appeared to be the best choice.

Micheline was looking for ways to increase the value of her land. Her curiosity was attracted by a report on saffron broadcast on Radio-Canada Radio in November 2013. She researched saffron production as it was a spice largely unknown in Quebec. She enrolled in a training course on the culture and production of saffron and started her adventure in the world of saffron.

The first bulbs were planted in the summer of 2014. A few weeks later the first flowers were showing – bliss!

Since then, the size of the saffron field has grown each year with new bulbs being added, as well as the multiplication of those already in the ground.

Emporium Safran Québec sells crocus sativus throughout Canada and continues to promote saffron in various events.

Education and information on saffron are two elements that always fascinate Micheline.

In recent years Micheline has attended various conferences to follow new research and trends on saffron.